Kyiv, Honchara, 45V+38 073 345 03 00

Lviv, Lychakivska, 8+38 073 543 03 00

Kyiv, Honchara, 45V+38 073 345 03 00

Lviv, Lychakivska, 8+38 073 543 03 00



This is a unique interactive exhibition where the exhibits are your own sensations. It's an opportunity to test your senses: hearing, smell, touch, spatial orientation, and many others. Everyone, except for sight, because everything takes place in complete darkness.


1-4 people

We recommend participating in the quest in teams of up to 4 people.


up to 1 hour

You will have up to 1 hour to complete all the tasks.


Guide with vision impairment

A guide will assist you in completing the tasks and provide answers to all your questions.


Prior reservation is required

  • Ticket

    200 / 250 / 300 UAHper person

    10 a.m. - 11 a.m. / noon - 3 p.m. / 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

You will be taking the tour together as one group.We do NOT join other visitors to your group.
Additional fee 300 UAH for English translation is required.

  • Birthday discount


    3 days before and after the anniversary date with confirmation

– You will be taking the tour together as one group.
– We do NOT join other visitors to your group.
– The cost does not decrease if there are fewer than 2 people in the group.


  • How many people can be on the tour?

    The tour is conducted for groups of 1-4 people. If there are more of you, we can offer you to split into 2 groups and take turns going through the quest. While one group is on the quest, the other will have the opportunity to spend time in our relaxation room, where there are many interesting activities.

  • Do I need to book the tour in advance?

    Yes, all tours require advance booking, which you can do on our website or by phone at +38 073 543 0300.

  • Will there be scary elements during the tour?

    No, absolutely not, we are not a horror room!

    Moreover, you will have a professional guide with you throughout the walk who knows how to help you adapt to these unusual conditions.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    We recommend visiting the exhibition from the age of 8.

  • Do we need to prepare for the tour in any way?

    No, absolutely not. The tour does not require any special preparation. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes since you will be in complete darkness, and avoid wearing anything that glows (such as phosphorescent drawings).

    Also, before the tour, you will need to leave all gadgets and anything that emits light in a special storage room.

  • Where is the museum located in Lviv?

    Our address is 8 Lychakivska Street. After booking, we will send you detailed instructions on how to find us.

  • Does the tour stop if an air alarm starts?

    In case of an air alarm, the tour does not stop because we are located in a basement 😌

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